The insurance laws in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania are often complicated, misunderstood, misinterpreted, and/or unknown by both injured victims and the attorneys that represent those victims. Issues and terms such as “limited tort”, “full tort”, “underinsured motorist”, “uninsured motorist”, “first party benefits”, “third party tortfeasor”, and “subrogation lien” are; quite frankly, not common phrases and are all possibly an important aspect of a motor vehicle case involving bodily injuries.

Attorney Sisinni has handled hundreds of personal injury cases in his 25+ years of practice. He has handled cases ranging from very minor injuries to injuries involving paraplegics, quadriplegics, permanent deformities, loss of cognitive function, and death. Attorney Sisinni has handled cases involving bodily injuries caused by: automobiles; motorcycles; trains; semi-tractor trailer trucks; box trucks; jet skis; all-terrain vehicles (ATVs); bicycles; and wheelchairs. Each case is unique and different depending upon the types of injuries; the type of accident; aggravating factors; mitigating factors; medical treatment; permanent scarring and/or disfigurement; inability to work; inability to perform activities of daily living; mental anguish; emotional distress; medications; lost wages; diminished earning capacity; unpaid medical bills; and paid medical bills that must be re-paid to the health insurance carrier.

If an injured individual is represented by an attorney who is not skilled and knowledgeable in all of these areas, the claim could ultimately result with an unfavorable disposition or outcome. In addition to the knowledge of the law required by your attorney to successfully litigate your claim in order to secure the proper settlement figure or verdict figure, your attorney must also be very skilled in negotiating with insurance companies and defense attorneys. Further, your attorney must be skilled in securing Affidavits and Deposition Testimony from witnesses, and medical care providers in order to further the injured individual’s claim for damages. In addition, the attorney must be willing to hire and pay for Accident Reconstruction Experts, Medical Experts, and Vocational Experts to either assist your claim or to refute the defenses claimed by the negligent third party’s insurance carrier and its attorneys.

As you can see, personal injury law (and especially a motor vehicle accident) is not a joke and is not for amateurs. Make sure that you are represented by a skilled personal injury practitioner who can navigate you through a personal injury claim and arrive at a positive and fair net settlement for the injured person and his or her loved ones.

Attorney Sisinni has secured settlements in dozens of significant personal injury cases during his career. Perhaps he can assist you in recovering a fair settlement if you or a family member have sustained damages in a bodily injury claim.

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