How do you know if Sisinni Legal and attorney Andrew J. Sisinni is the best criminal defense attorney for your case?

You certainly want an attorney who has the experience and expertise you need. You also want a criminal defense lawyer who is respected by district attorneys and judges. Most importantly, you want an attorney who understands and interprets complicated legal issues in a way that benefits your defense and then knows how to persuasively communicate that perspective to a judge and jury.

If you are accused of committing a crime – whether you are guilty or not – Sisinni Legal can answer all your questions. We will clearly explain:

  • The specific charges against you
  • What your legal rights are
  • What the prosecution must prove
  • How the evidence can and will be used against you in court
  • Possible consequences you may face
  • Negotiations with police and prosecutors

Remember, you may be facing serious consequences such as incarceration (jail time), hefty fines, driver license suspension, probation, a permanently tainted record and much more. With Sisinni Legal as your criminal defense lawyer, you can increase the chances that your case will result in a dismissal, that you will be able to achieve a satisfactory plea deal or that the trial will result in a “not guilty” verdict.


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