Attorney Andrew Sisinni has handled several hundred DUI cases in more than ten (10) counties throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Each county prosecutes and litigates DUI cases a little differently. It is critical that your attorney knows more than the DUI laws. Specifically, it is important that your attorney knows the penalties, fines, and court costs associated with all charges (including traffic offenses). There are many traffic offense violations that include incarceration and/or license suspension and/or points against your driver’s license. Often times, the court costs and fines alone for summary traffic offenses can be several hundred dollars or even into the thousands of dollars.

As a defendant in a DUI case, you need to know what the total ramifications could be prior to attending your first court appearance which is typically the Preliminary Hearing. Appearing in Court without an attorney (Pro Se) could be catastrophic for your case.

It is also incumbent upon your attorney to be a skilled negotiator in a DUI case. Specifically, the attorney must be able to negotiate with the prosecutor from the District Attorney’s Office and/or with the arresting police officer.

Further, your attorney must be familiar with the various Magistrates (who will preside over the Preliminary Hearing and Preliminary Arraignment) in your case. Furthermore, familiarization with the Court of Common Pleas Judge (who will preside over the Suppression Hearing or ARD Hearing or Plea or Trial or Sentencing) is paramount. Each Judge and Magistrate is different, runs his or her Courtroom differently, and looks at cases differently. Attorney Sisinni has appeared before each and every Judiciary in Erie County, Crawford County, and Warren County. In addition, he has practiced in multiple jurisdictions throughout the Commonwealth.

If your attorney does not have the required experience of a seasoned practitioner, possess the knowledge and understanding of the Black Letter Law, and grasp the detailed technical realities of a DUI case, he or she can not properly and/or adequately represent an individual with a DUI charge. Attorney Sisinni possesses all of these qualities and considers all of these factors when advising his clients on the tangential, yet very important, issues of a DUI case. In addition, he is an experienced attorney who has been able to successfully defend, negotiate, and advocate hundreds of DUI cases for his clients over the past 25 years.

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